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As Promised, Monster Fruit Gains iPhone And iPod Touch Support Through A Free App Update

As Promised, Monster Fruit Gains iPhone And iPod Touch Support Through A Free App Update

January 6, 2012
Last month, It's About Time, creators of the acclaimed Windows to Mac OS training app Learn the Switch to Mac, released their very first game, Monster Fruit, one of action and laughter where both adults and children will need to realize composure and appreciation need to be placed before selfishness. Today, a promise is fulfilled as Monster Fruit is now playable on the iPhone and iPod touch via an update that turns the game into a universal iOS app, plus a little extra. While the previous method of changing environments and teaming monsters to make things more challenging still exists, v1.1 adds the traditional levels of difficulty to choose from: easy, medium, and hard. This option should make it even easier for younger gamers to get started but keep things tough enough to maintain replay value. As an example, choosing "easy" decreases Sonny's speed and Puddy's tongue length. If this is your first time hearing about Monster Fruit, continue reading for a quick overview. Enter an enchanted monster garden where a magic tree bears fruit a monster would do anything to get. However, it's important to teach the young monsters that patience and gratitude are important when being granted such a treat, and that's where you come in. When the fruit appears in the tree, use a tap and drag motion to keep it away from the monsters until they calm down. Once they look tranquil and thankful at the bottom of the screen, then you can feed the fruit to one of them. Now, I shall introduce you to the young monsters: • Mylo "Certifiably Restless" - This purple pouncer has one heck of a vertical leap. Be careful as a single jump can go as high as the tree. • Puddy "Yoga Enthusiast" - A three-eyed and striped fella who isn't too hasty on his feet but has a tongue that can reach across the screen. • Sonny "Nay to Gravity" - The zippy little flier that is small but spunky. His zooming around and streaking about can cause some real grief. • Eli "Cantankerous Genius" - An intellectual that feels technology is the key to success. Armed with a ray gun, he'll knock the fruit right out of your hand. Even one at a time, these monsters will push your patience as much as you're pushing theirs. Never underestimate their persistence. Thankfully, there is one trick you can utilize to settle things down a little, or should I say temporarily. Tap and rub on the monsters to tickle them. Tickling will stop these rambunctious rascals in their tracks and make them giggle, thus giving you some time to re-strategize. The game allows multi-touch and you can also drop the fruit, although, be careful as these creatures are quick. Monster Fruit contains three stages with seven levels each. The first stage, morning, introduces you to the monsters and gives you a chance to get a handle on the gameplay. Sunset, the second stage, really makes things interesting, pitting you against multiple monsters simultaneously. Night, well, night is both fascinating and frustrating. The magic tree and fruit are the only things that can light the way and alert you to incoming monsters. You'll need to use all of your cunning to outwit them now. Monster Fruit is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running IOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99.

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