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iCade Goes Slimline For CES, Introduces iCade Jr. For iPhone

iCade Goes Slimline For CES, Introduces iCade Jr. For iPhone

January 9, 2012
It's CES time, and new products are starting to appear on our radar. One of the first to catch our attention isn't exactly brand-new, as we've talked about the iCade for iPad before. However, ThinkGeek has shown Engadget a revamped, slimline version of iCade, which has a streamlined design and looks much better than before. Furthermore, an "iCade for iPhone" product (called "iCade Jr.") has also been announced. According to Engadget:
The iCade Core faithfully recreates the original rig's control setup, Bluetooth connectivity, and passthrough charging cable, but kills the cabinet motif in favor of landscape support. Although there's no word yet on pricing for slimmed down arcade dock, ION says it should launch sometime in 2012. The new iCade Mobile, on the other hand, is penned in for a Q2 launch; it'll set you back $80 and score your iPod touch / iPhone four shoulder buttons, four face buttons and a classic D-Pad. The gamepad dock also swivels your device into landscape and portrait modes.
Furthermore, the website adds:
While glancing at Ion's booth, an impressively small, phone-sized arcade cabinet caught our attention. Dubbed the iCade Jr., we're told it's essentially an iCade for the iPhone.
Already, developers have access to iCade's API, meaning they can create and sell third-party games for the accessory (for a list of our favorite iCade games, take a look at this article). We'll keep you posted on the status of iCade's new products, and everything else that's happening over at CES. In the meantime, let us know if you already own an iCade in the comments. [gallery columns="5"]

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