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Jailbreak Only: SwitcherSettings Updated - Adds Support For iPad, iOS 5

Jailbreak Only: SwitcherSettings Updated - Adds Support For iPad, iOS 5

January 27, 2012
Jailbreak fans who've abandoned SBSettings for SwitcherSettings - an alternative tweak we told you about last June - will be pleased to hear that the package has recently received an update, adding support for both the iPad and iOS 5 while making a number of other changes, also. As outlined in the tweak's release notes (which you can check out over at the BigBoss Repository website), changes made in the new version of SwitcherSettings include:
  • iOS 5 support
  • iPad support
  • SBSettings dependency removed, the tweak comes with a default set of toggles (WiFi, Airplane, Bluetooth, Location and CloudPaste). Other SBSettings toggles can of course be imported like previously
  • SBSRotator support
  • Graphic update
  • Various bug fixes
The key difference between SBSettings and SwitcherSettings is that the latter tweak displays toggles in the app-switcher screen (the one that's activated with a double-press of the Home button). However, another major difference between the two is that SwitcherSettings sports a $2.49 price-tag, while SBSettings is free to download and install. You can find the new version of SwitcherSettings in the Cydia Store. It's available via the BigBoss Repository - searching for the app's name should bring the tweak up. Let us know if you've purchased SwitcherSettings in the comments below. [Thanks to Florian for the tip!]

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