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This Gorgeous Journaling App Now Has iCloud Sync

January 10, 2012
Another year, another set of resolutions — and, no, I’m not talking 960x640. And guess what? Another year goes by that we don’t actually resolve to do anything. Well, even if you don’t quit smoking or don’t lose weight in 2012, at least make an effort to write, or keep up with your thoughts by journaling. Allow me to introduce you to Day One. This is the only journaling app you’ll need for the iPhone, iPad, and even the Mac. It recently made it onto our AppAdvice Top 10: Best Paid iPhone Apps Of 2011, and it’s still our favorite in 2012. Day One has just been updated with iCloud sync in version 1.5; this gorgeous journaling app just keeps on getting better. To enable iCloud syncing, if you’re already a Day One user, you must first disable your Dropbox sync. This will initiate the iCloud sync, and then you’re set. Although Dropbox sync did a great job, and has even been improved in this version, iCloud is of course better. Dropbox sync is more of a manual sync rather than the invisible and instant sync iCloud provides. Now, we’re just waiting for the new version of the Day One Mac app to be released, though it has already been submitted. The ball is in your court, Apple. Day One for iOS is available in the App Store for $1.99. UPDATE:
** Please don't install this update ** There may be some unexpected issues with iCloud. We are submitting a new version tomorrow... If your entry count zeroed out, the next update *WILL* restore your data. Please don't worry. I apologize for the inconvenience. ** Please note: the initial iCloud load may take several minutes and it could look like your entries are missing. Please be patient and leave the app open to allow them to re-index. ** Day One Mac app with iCloud is not yet approved, but should be in the next day or two.
Thanks to John Anderson for catching this for us! We'll keep you updated.

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