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Commit Tweeticide And Kill All Of Your Tweets With One Stone

Commit Tweeticide And Kill All Of Your Tweets With One Stone

February 25, 2012
There's drunk texting, and then there's drunk tweeting. It's one thing to send embarrassing text messages to your close friends while you're intoxicated; it's another to post embarrassing tweets for all your followers to see while under the beguiling spell of alcohol. While you could simply say sorry to your unsuspecting text mates for your inebriated nonsense, and be consoled by the fact that whatever you said is just between you and them, taking care of your drunk tweets poses a bigger challenge. You could of course send out an apologetic tweet to all your followers, and then delete your contentious tweets one at a time. Or you could just use Tweeticide. Tweeticide is a new iOS app that lets you delete all of your tweets in one fell swoop. If for some reason, whether related to inebriation or otherwise, you want to delete the contents of your Twitter account, all you need to do is fire up Tweeticide, log in to the account you want to tidy up and, finally, push the big, red button importantly labeled "DELETE ALL TWEETS." A good thing about using Tweeticide is that it only gets rid of your tweets, meaning the other assets associated with your account are kept intact. Even as all your tweets are deleted, you still get to keep your Twitter handle, followers and direct messages. Now you're all set to start all over with a clean Twitter slate. Tweeticide can also come in handy if you'd rather not have your tweets archived by the Library of Congress. Per an agreement with Twitter, the Library of Congress is authorized to digitally archive all undeleted tweets that are at least 24 weeks old. Using Tweeticide to remove your tweets before they reach their 24th week will effectively bypass their inclusion to the archive, and it's much simpler than having to add the #noloc hashtag to every tweet you post. Tweeticide is now available in the App Store for $0.99. Drunk tweeter or not, do you see yourself committing Tweeticide soon? (Image via Mayfield Digital)

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