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Discover Just How Geeky You Are, And Then Brag To Your Friends About It

Discover Just How Geeky You Are, And Then Brag To Your Friends About It

February 22, 2012
Geek Badge by Figster.Net icon

Geek Badge (Free) by Figster.Net is a silly entertainment app that gets your smarty-pants juices flowing. Answer 60 questions relating to things only a “geek” would know and see how well you score. Download it for free while it is on sale.

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The test is full of questions regarding geek-related pop culture, Internet topics and computer hardware. Many of the questions require a “yes” or “no” answer so it is important to be honest. For example, one question asks if you dual boot operating systems on your computer. Answering “yes” will earn you points, but do you really?

Some questions are easy, like, “Is the planned Blade Runner prequel a good idea?” Others are more challenging, like, “Do you know the difference between NAS and SAN?” There are probably some geeks out there snickering at me for calling that a challenging question, but you get the point. True geeks will get a kick out of references to Ctrl-Alt-Del and XKCD, as well as questions about PCIe and JAMMA.

Once all questions have been answered and saved, potential geeks can see how they scored. Final point tallies will put players into geek categories ranging from a paper badge to a platinum badge. The results can then be published to Facebook and Twitter, or sent directly through email. Players can also challenge friends by using Bump.

This is an entertainment app. It isn’t going to win awards or change your life. It is an amusing way to waste some time and have some fun with friends. Currently, it is on sale for free. Because it is such a simple app, I can’t say it is worth paying for, but at the price of zero dollars, it is worth the download. So, pick it up now before the sale ends.

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