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Instagram Gets A New Interface, New Filter, And "Lux"

Instagram Gets A New Interface, New Filter, And "Lux"

February 11, 2012

Everyone’s favorite social photography network, Instagram, just got a big update to 2.1. What’s new? A lot, actually!

The biggest change is the interface. Gone is the old clunky interface, with that irregular camera button sticking out of the bottom. Now the entire UI is refined to a much cleaner look, with only icons representing the various view tabs. I am a huge fan of this new look – the old interface was never my favorite. As an additional bonus, the new interface feels much faster and more responsive than the previous one ever did. All-in-all, a very welcome change.

Another new feature is “Lux.” This enhances your photos, similar to how the Clarity filter is in Camera+. The goal with Lux is to enhance the original image (or even a filtered image if you prefer). It can be used on any photo, and does not look like a vintage filter, like the rest of the effects. It’s a great new feature that may draw in even more users, who may have been turned off by the overdone vintage filters.

There’s also a new filter added: Sierra. While it’s no Gotham or Poprocket, it’s another option to use when retro-ifying your photos.

Other improvements in the update allow you to change your profile photo from the profile page, and you can even tap on push notifications to go directly to the photo.

So far, this is one of the best updates to Instagram yet. The app just feels better overall, and having more filters is always nice. The Lux feature may get a lot of use out of me, because I like how it can just enhance any photo without making it look gaudy with a filter.

Now, when can we have our Gotham and Poprocket back? And the old filters, where there was more contrast in them? If we could have those back with this new interface, that’s a winner.

Grab your Instagram update now.

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