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QuickPix - Take Photos While Shooting Video On Your iOS Device

QuickPix - Take Photos While Shooting Video On Your iOS Device

February 6, 2012
QuickPix is a $1.99 universal iOS app that allows Apple fans to take digital images while shooting video on an iOS device. Once launched, the application features two buttons: one controls video recording, while the other allows users to take a snapshot of what they're viewing. Both the video and images captured are sent over to users' Camera Roll, where they can be viewed from within the Photos app. As outlined in the app's release notes, key features of QuickPix include:
  • Fastest full resolution bursting available
  • Take pictures WHILE taking video
  • Fast startup
  • Minimal time between pictures
  • Easy as the default camera
  • Saves directly to the camera roll
  • Advanced features that stay out of the way
This is definitely a handy app and is certainly - in my opinion - worth its $1.99. price-tag. I just wonder why Apple hasn't implemented this kind of functionality within its native Camera app. If you often shoot videos and images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, download QuickPix and never miss out on shooting the perfect image (and video!) again. As mentioned, the app is available for $1.99. [via iMore]

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