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Rumor Has It That Adobe Photoshop Touch Is Finally Coming To iOS This Monday

Rumor Has It That Adobe Photoshop Touch Is Finally Coming To iOS This Monday

February 25, 2012
Announced in October 2011, Photoshop Touch is meant to be the bigger brother of Photoshop Express. At that time, Adobe claimed "availability in early 2012." According to their sources, 9to5Mac is reporting Photoshop Touch launch day for iOS is Feb. 27.
@9to5mac: Little Birdie: "Photoshop Touch gets released for iPad on Monday"
From whom we originally came across this tip, RazorianFly led us to a couple other tasty tidbits. Steve Troughton-Smith has tweeted a few times about PS Touch, giving some insightful reminders.
@sean_nicholls you are aware that they've already announced Photoshop Touch? And that it's available now on Android?
Such a very good point Mr. Troughton-Smith, fans can already make an early judgement if PS Touch is even worth the wait. Here is the feature list of Photoshop Touch for Android:
  • Use Photoshop features designed for the tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create mind-blowing images.
  • Use your tablet camera to fill an area on a layer with the exclusive camera fill feature.
  • Select part of an image to extract by scribbling with the Scribble Selection tool. With Refine Edge, use your fingertip to capture even hard-to-select image elements, like hair, with ease.
  • Search and acquire images with the integrated Google Image Search.
  • Share images on Facebook and view comments right within the app.
  • Browse an inspirational gallery for the styles and results you'd like to achieve. Then follow step-by-step tutorials to easily learn techniques the pros use for great-looking results.
  • Sync projects with Adobe Creative Cloud* and open layered files from Adobe Photoshop Touch in Photoshop.
  • Image resolution: 1600 x 1600 pixels
  Looking at those features, the only one that really seems disappointing is the image size restriction of 1,600 pixels. However, user reviews on the Android Market also mention some annoying limitations to the layers implementation and with exportation options. So, PS Touch still isn't a desktop replacement, but this is when I'd like to share another tweet by Steve Troughton-Smith:
@sean_nicholls Photoshop Touch does leagues more than the original Photoshop on the desktop. It's very narrow sighted just thinking 'now'
Steve, you have another good point. Even though we can complain that PS Touch is no substitute for the current desktop versions of Photoshop, photo editors have been far more expensive than PS Touch's $9.99 price tag with far less capabilities. Yet, they still got the job done. In my opinion, Photoshop Touch does seem like a solid step forward, although, I don't think Adobe is getting the hint from its longtime customers. Taking a look at the options: Photoshop Express is free, Photoshop Touch is $9.99, Photoshop Elements is $119.99, and the full Photoshop CS is $699. I'd be willing to bet there's plenty of demand to bring a Photoshop Elements port or something extremely similar to iOS for $99.99. With Apple including crop, red eye reduction, rotate, and automatic photo enhancement in iOS 5, does Photoshop Touch sound like anything but a short-term fix for professional photo editing demands? Again, I don't think so, but we'll just wait and see. Update: If you haven't yet noticed. Apple had a little slip up and Photoshop Touch briefly became available on the New Zealand App Store. Therefore, the Monday launch is most definitely ready. Come Feb. 27, this link should once again be operational.

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