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Siegecraft Developer Previews Upcoming Combat Action Game

Siegecraft Developer Previews Upcoming Combat Action Game

February 11, 2012
Blowfish Studios is on fire today, announcing not just one, but two recent developments. First, the Australia-based developer of Hungry Monstr and Qbism HD has just dropped the price of Siegecraft, its popular crossbows-and-catapults physics-based game. For this weekend only, players who want to try the projectile-shooting game populated by warriors and monsters can download it for only $0.99, two bucks less than its regular price. So grab it now. The second, more significant announcement concerns an upcoming game that the folks at Blowfish Studios are currently in the middle of developing. In a blog post by Ben of Blowfish Studios, potential players are afforded a peek at what they can expect from the soon to be released game. A few initial details are revealed, starting with the game’s excellent title, Razor: Salvation. Salvation is apparently the first episode in a series of games called Razor, which, according to the post, “will tell the story of a group of people who survive ’First Contact’ and then go on to help with humankind's defense against the Xenos.” It sounds like yet another humans vs. extraterrestrials story, but the further revelation that it will essentially be a combat defense game with first person weapon control makes it more intriguing. The announcement post also includes three preview images. And if the strikingly bleak 3-D concept art for a city in shambles in the year 2062 (see above) is any indication of the quality of the finished product, then Razor: Salvation is shaping up to be an action-packed and well-designed game. There’s no mention at all, however, of when the game will be released. As I’m raring to experience it firsthand, I’m hoping that Razor: Salvation will arrive in the App Store faster than I can say “blowfish.”

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