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Students Look To Re-Imagine Email Overload With Mail Pilot

Students Look To Re-Imagine Email Overload With Mail Pilot

February 27, 2012
We recently told you about a project on Kickstarter that was gaining some major steam – Mail Pilot. Two Virginia Tech students, Josh Milas and Alex Obenauer, were looking to raise about $35,000 for server-side funding for the project. Fortunately, thanks to a large amount of good press and the generosity of the Kickstarter community, the project raised a whopping $54,205 from 1,623 backers. Mail Pilot works by re-imagining the email inbox overload that we all love to hate. Here’s a quick video overview of the service. Click here if you can’t see the video.   For a subscription fee of $25, Kickstarter givers will receive a one-year subscription to the “comprehensive software” service that can be accessed on all major desktop and mobile platforms – including iOS.
Mail Pilot is an online service with native apps for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Mail Pilot adds services to your existing mail accounts that it syncs between all of your devices. Your email is never stored on our servers, and is left on your current email servers. Our servers store metadata about those messages to bring to you the reimagination of email that so many have come to love.
With the funding in hand, the students said on their Kickstarter page that they are wanting to get the service off the ground by June. It sounds like an interesting concept, and I’m interested to see what the service will look like when it launches, and if it will really help clear out my email box.

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