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Take A Peek Into This Retro Screenshot Challenge

Take A Peek Into This Retro Screenshot Challenge

February 21, 2012
Peek to Retro is a new iPhone puzzle game that dares you to take a retro gaming screenshot challenge. Basically, it's a guessing game where you have to recognize titles from the golden age of 8-bit video games with only portions of their graphics to work with. The game is called Peek to Retro because of its ingenious gameplay that requires you to peek into a screenshot by gradually peeling up a virtual page. Think you already know the answer? Just let go of the page and the keyboard will appear for you to enter your answer with. The smaller the portion of the screenshot you’ve seen so far before figuring out the answer, the higher your score. The game is packed with 100 screenshots, half of which are taken from Commodore 64 games and the other half from the ZX Spectrum. Only those two computer systems are represented in the game since they're what the developer, Shane McCafferty, considers his favorites. Although this might please his fellow longtime C64 and Speccy devotees, it all but excludes potential buyers like me who are not familiar with the two platforms. Perhaps with the addition of screenshots of Atari, Nintendo and other 8-bit video games, the game will enjoy a bigger market share. Retro gaming is apparently one of the latest fads in the App Store, as evidenced by the recent success of Canabalt and Super Crate Box and the iOS rebirth of games like Space Invaders and Ms. PAC-MAN. Peek to Retro responds to the demand by letting you peek into the games, both popular and obscure, that were all the rage back in the day. It's available now in the App Store for only $0.99.

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