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The Jailbreak Dream Team Plans To Present This Year's Hack In The Box Conference

The Jailbreak Dream Team Plans To Present This Year's Hack In The Box Conference

February 19, 2012
Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) recently announced via Twitter that the "Jailbreak Dream Team" - that is, those jailbreakers responsible for untethering the Apple A5 processor - will be presenting this year's Hack In The Box (HITB) security conference. The tweet read: As outlined over at the Hack In The Box website, here's what the event entails:
The main aim of our conferences has always been to enable the dissemination, discussion and sharing of deep knowledge network security information. Our main focus is on new and groundbreaking attack and defense methods that have not been seen or discussed in public before. HITBSecConf events bring together a unique mix of security professionals, researchers, law enforcement and members of the hacker underground under one roof and our flagship event in Malaysia sees over 1000 attendees. The event runs over a 4 day period with 2 days of intensive hands on training sessions followed by a two-day conference with either three or four concurrent tracks inclusive of a hands on lab session (HITB Labs) and 15 minute lightning talks (HITB SIGINT). The HITB Labs caters for only 50-100 attendees and these sessions are intensive, hands-on presentations that require audience interaction. The HITB SIGINT (Signal Intelligence/Interrupt) sessions on the other hand, are designed to provide a quick 15 minute overview for material and research that's 'up and coming' - stuff that isn't quite ready for the mainstream tracks of the conference but deserve a mention nonetheless.
After months of hard work, the Jailbreak Dream Team - a band of hackers which included Joshua Hill, @MuscleNerd and @pod2g - was finally able to untether the Apple A5 processor that powers both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. As you can imagine, this was an incredibly difficult and complex task, and we're pleased to see those hackers being recognized for their achievements. The event is scheduled to run between May 21-25. For more information, be sure to take a further look at the event's website. And congratulations to the Jailbreak Dream Team! [via iJailbreak]

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