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Upcoming Book By Apple Insider Focuses On Apple's Obsession With Simplicity

Upcoming Book By Apple Insider Focuses On Apple's Obsession With Simplicity

February 16, 2012
There have been countless books on Apple (including Walter Isaacson's acclaimed biography of the late Steve Jobs). However, one new title - "Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success" - promises to be different. This is because the book has been written by Ken Segall - an Apple veteran, who worked as an agency creative director under Steve Jobs from NeXT onwards. He's also served time at Dell, Intel and IMB - so he knows exactly what it is that makes Apple better than the rest. The book, as its title suggests, concentrates on Apple's "obsession" with simplicity. Segall notes, over at his personal blog:
To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. But it was also a weapon — one that he used to humble competitors once thought to be invincible. Apple’s devotion to Simplicity is the one constant that can be traced from the first Apple II computer all the way to today’s iPad. Though the company’s success is built upon engineering and design skills, it’s the love of Simplicity that truly powers Apple, revolution after revolution.
You'll be able to read "Insanely Simple" from April 26, though the book is available to preorder from the iBookstoreAmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound and 800-CEO-read. For a little more information on the upcoming title, head over to the appropriate section of Ken Segall's blog, and let us know if you've preordered "Insanely Simple" in the comments.

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