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A Chance To Win Angry Planes Or Angry Planes HD With A Comment

A Chance To Win Angry Planes Or Angry Planes HD With A Comment

March 1, 2012
AppAdvice has teamed up with BAM Entertainment in order to offer you a chance to win one of 11 promo codes for Angry Planes ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch or one of 11 promo codes for Angry Planes HD ($1.99) for iPad. Simple and challenging is one of those odd ways of describing some of the most enjoyable games. In Angry Planes, Ace and the rest of the squadron are taking revenge on the evil squids. To do that, all you must do is time bomb drops as Ace, or the other planes, fly over. Sounds easy enough, right. Indeed, the basic three button control scheme is quick to learn. However, this simple action becomes mighty difficult as those squids are quite elusive. At first, the squids are very predictable and only require a single bomb hit to destroy them. Slowly but surely these two tentacle, 8 arm creatures become much more resilient and evasive. There are four kinds of squids: pink, white, red, and green. Pink is the weakest, whereas green is the strongest, requiring four hits to evaporate the monster. To help keep track, each hit will cause the squid to change color. To evade your attacks, the squids begin to move in confusing patterns and at various speeds. Because it's a pattern, you can anticipate your next move, although, a timer exists to prevent you from doing too much analyzing. Determine the pattern and choose your runs wisely. Along with the timer, the ammunition is also limited. Basically, there's a lot of balancing between careful strategy and annihilating the entire ocean. In later levels, even more objects will make it into the action. Not quite Jaws but menacing looking sharks are also a problem. Blast them out of the water and you're awarded with more bombs. On the other hand, submarines will occasionally make their way through to help out. Striking one of these with a bomb will penalize you, including a possible automatic failing of the level. Speaking of failing, I'll quickly go over the objectives, controls, and user interface. Your specific mission is to kill a set number of squids before the time or your ammunition runs out. Making more kills than the minimum will reward you additional stars, up to three total. At the bottom are your controls, two arrows to accelerate or decelerate the plane as it makes horizontal runs and the release bomb button. The controls can be swapped to accommodate either right-handed or left-handed. In the top-right is where you monitor remaining time, killed squids to level goal ratio, and the number of bombs you have remaining. To have a chance at winning one of 22 Angry Planes promo codes, simply leave a comment below telling us which iDevice, iPhone / iPod touch or iPad, you'll be wreaking havoc on the evil squids before March 1 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Only one entry per person.

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