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Griffin Launches The Helo TC Assault App-Controlled Mini RC Helicopter

Griffin Launches The Helo TC Assault App-Controlled Mini RC Helicopter

March 22, 2012
In 2011, Griffin Technology, one of the leaders of iPhone and other portable device accessories, launched their branded mini RC helicopter, the Helo TC, which has been used to battle office boredom. For 2012, Griffin stepped up and announced the Helo TC Assault, an aircraft with new potential. Today, the miniature war continues as orders can commence for the enhanced tiny terrors of the sky. Driven by dual main rotors and a small tail rotor system, powered by a lithium-polymer battery pack, and controlled using the Helo TC iOS app, the Helo TC Assault mimics its predecessor in many ways. However, this little warrior isn't just for fly bys. Equipped with side mounted missile launchers, the Helo TC Assault could be the ultimate home and office toy for quick strike missions of annoyance. Soar over cubicle walls, desks, tables, and other obstacles, then fire a missile towards your unsuspecting victim with a simple tap. Want some practice beforehand? Griffin offers paper targets, including paper people, that you can download and setup.

The war against chronic cubicle syndrome...

...Will end...

Beyond the excitement of tapping those missile fire buttons, piloting the Helo TC Assault is fairly simple. The control system consists of a throttle for altitude and a joystick for navigation, although, you can also steer by tilting your iDevice. To help inexperienced pilots, Griffin limits the throttle during the first several attempts so the flight doesn't become an instant disaster. The Helo TC Assault measures about 7.5 inches long and the package includes the Helo TC Assault app-controlled helicopter, the Flight Deck infrared transmitter, six plastic missiles, a USB charge cable, and an extra set of main and tail blades. The Flight Deck requires four AAA batteries - I recommend getting rechargeable versions for the least expensive operation. Get your Helo TC Assault package direct from Griffin Technology for $59.99 plus applicable taxes and shipping charges. Helo TC is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download.

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