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Mass Effect Infiltrates The App Store

Mass Effect Infiltrates The App Store

March 6, 2012
Last month we reported that the very popular EA title, Mass Effect, would soon be hitting the App Store. Well that time has now come. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mass Effect Infiltrator ($6.99). While this is an EA property, the game was actually developed by IronMonkey Studios, the team behind the fantastic Dead Space for iOS. With this experienced team behind the game and EA's massive intellectual property what could go wrong? It turns out quite a lot actually ... In Mass Effect Infiltrator you are not actually continuing your time as Commander Shepard. You are, in fact, "veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno." If you've played the aforementioned Dead Space you will know what you can expect from Mass Effect Infiltrator. As Randall Ezno you will be exploring some quite epic environments and collecting the usual array of weapons and armor to help you along the way. Mass Effect Infiltrator looks fantastic, at least in screenshots, though once you start playing the game some major issues become evident. This companion app does not share its big brother's clear commitment to storyline, gameplay or general production value. While I could spend the rest of this article detailing just how flawed this title is, I wanted to try and find a redeeming feature. Mass Effect Infiltrator acts as a companion app for Mass Effect 3. According to the game's App Store description you can use Mass Effect Infiltrator to "Gather valuable intel and upload it to Galaxy at War to boost your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3."  Galactic Readiness is used in Mass Effect 3 for a new game mode, Galaxy at War. Hopefully a full review of Mass Effect Infiltrator will be available on AppAdvice at a later date, but until that point, let me just say in advance ... stay well clear unless you really want those Galactic Readiness points!

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