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Be The Deejay You’ve Always Wanted To Be With DJ Rig

Be The Deejay You’ve Always Wanted To Be With DJ Rig

March 10, 2012
DJ Rig by IK Multimedia icon

DJ Rig ($1.99) by IK Multimedia is the newest music app from the development team that brought you AmpliTube and VocalLive. This new music app is for the deejay in you. Now, you can bring the party with you where ever you go.

DJ Rig by IK Multimedia screenshot

IK Multimedia’s first deejay mixing app is a great first step. The DJ Rig reminds me a lot of the popular app Djay, which is a good thing. It has a lot of the same features and is set up similarly. It is not a clone of Djay. This app has some of the same cool features but also lacks some of the helpful ones.

DJ Rig lets users select songs from their device’s music library to create their own deejay mixes. It includes a crossfader to allow fading in and out from one song to another and has a beats-per-minute (BPM) sync so users can sync the speed of songs for continuous rhythm.

There are a few different mixing features like visual cue points and looping. Users can take advantage of the scratch effects by dragging the record or moving the virtual needle.

Songs can be fine tuned with a three-band equalizer and by setting the frequency and resonation on an XY interface grid. There is a sampler pad with a huge variety of sound banks, including seven additional banks that are included in the in-app purchase of the “full effects suite.” There are also 12 different deejay effects (six included and six that come with the “full effects suite”) including reverb, delay, flanger, auto wah and more.

All mixes can be pre-recorded with the apps internal recording feature and sent to a computer through iTunes file sharing. By combining this with IK Multimedia’s iRig Mix, users can connect with X-Sync to sync with music that is being played on a completely different device.

While this is one of the better deejay apps available for iOS, it is still rough around the edges. Songs load very slowly and it has a bad habit of crashing on occasion. The user interface is very busy and can feel overwhelming on the iPhone/iPod touch’s small screen. This app needs to be optimized for the iPad.

Overall, this is a complex and full-featured deejay app that will be a great asset to any music fan. There are a few kinks to work out, but the developers are known for their quality apps, so fixes will take place soon. For the introductory price of only $1.99 plus an additional $4.99 to unlock the full features, this is a great app at a great price. Hopefully, it will get iPad support very soon.

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