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Read It Later Update Brings Retina-Ready Visuals

Read It Later Update Brings Retina-Ready Visuals

March 28, 2012

I’m sure that you’re enjoying your new iPad with that high resolution Retina display, right? It certainly makes for a great way to get your reading done, especially for long-form articles that you may have wanted to read when you have some downtime. While Instapaper and Readability have had Retina display graphics since last week, today is Read It Later’s turn (free version also available).

Read It Later has been around since 2007, so that makes it one of the original read-it-later services (even before Instapaper). It’s a great service and works reliably. Read It Later also has a simple-to-use interface that makes reading your saved articles easy and completely customizable for the best reading experience, along with tagging options to make it easy to organize your articles. One of the biggest advantages Read It Later has over the other two competitors is that it handles multimedia much better, which is great if you save a lot of articles that are rich with embedded videos.

Now it has all been improved with Retina graphics, so the text looks great as well as the visual elements of the app. It really makes it feel like you’re reading a magazine. Additionally, the update fixes Delicious sharing, and improves compatibility with iOS 5.1.

But that’s not all – the developers are teasing the next major release of Read It Later, which is coming “very soon.”

If you’re looking for a comparison of the three apps, make sure to check out my read-it-later app showdown from a few weeks ago.

Are you looking forward to what Idea Shower has in store for users? We sure can’t! Instapaper and Readability better watch their backs (competition means all of the users win).

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