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RedLynx Optimizes DrawRace 2 And Attempts To Reduce Multiplayer Cheating

RedLynx Optimizes DrawRace 2 And Attempts To Reduce Multiplayer Cheating

March 25, 2012
DrawRace has been one of those App Store additions which really stands out in its genre, racing simulation in this case. The game hasn't had a lot of updates since its successor hit the App Store, DrawRace 2, but there hasn't been anything major to correct. Even so, RedLynx has decided to do overall optimizations and attempt to reduce multiplayer cheating by implementing a teleport time penalty. To help improve game performance and stability, RedLynx is using newer versions of the Xcode compiler and an updated version of the Crystal social gaming network software. Despite those improvements, the biggest feature to this update is the teleport time penalty in multiplayer modes. If your car slides off course into a situation where it can't regain forward momentum or becomes stuck on an object, your vehicle will automatically be placed back on the track, referred to as a teleport. Now, when racing in Friend Challenge, Hot Seat, or World League, the teleport is accompanied by a couple of second delay before your car will resume. The app description says this a "feature to prevent cheating," however, I disagree. I admire the attempt, as World League certainly does have misfit racers, but this penalty isn't going to do much to harm cheaters and can hurt non-cheating players. For example, you could end up in a teleport situation simply by being over confident on your cornering capabilities. Honestly, the way players cheat is tough to penalize or prevent. Basically, racers play to an extent where they're aware of how to manipulate cutting corners and rerouting without triggering the "invalid lap" error. On certain tracks, the tactic goes as far as eliminating entire sections of the course. Sure, it's possible for everyone to learn the tricks, although, that doesn't make them acceptable. While I do hope RedLynx continues to pursue anti-cheating methods, I hope those few cheaters don't end up ruining it for everyone. Right now, I'm okay with the sneaky tactics, not pleased, but I'm still schooling racers while only slightly trimming a few corners. And, in my opinion, that makes me better than them whether I constantly win or not. DrawRace 2 is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later, and available in the App Store for $0.99. DrawRace 2 HD is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $2.99.

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