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Ten One Design Unveils Pressure-Sensitive Blue Tiger Stylus

Ten One Design Unveils Pressure-Sensitive Blue Tiger Stylus

March 6, 2012
Ten One Design, creators of the iPad 2 Magnus stand and Pogo Sketch styluses, has just unveiled the first pressure sensitive stylus for iPad - codenamed: Blue Tiger. The Blue Tiger uses Bluetooth 4.0, meaning it doesn't need to pair with your iDevice; it just works. Its battery life can range from months up to a whole year on a single battery. The stylus is still in development, but Ten One is offering developers an SDK to include Blue Tiger functionality in their apps. More of the Blue Tiger's features include:
  • Fast, simple bluetooth 4.0 technology does away with pairing.
  • Any application can take advantage of the features, but developers should use our free code to help them integrate.
  • Full pressure sensitivity.
  • Palm rejection capability.
  • Lights, buttons, music (ok, maybe not music).
  • Full details, name, pricing, etc coming soon.
  • Product will ship after FCC approval. If you're a developer, the time to start testing is now.
Based on the video, I'm pretty excited. I have been waiting for a stylus and app combo to use as an actual notepad (I'm trying to abandon paper altogether) and the Blue Tiger looks like it may help solidify the iPad's place in my book bag. The palm rejection alone is enough to get me excited about this product. Many that support palm or wrist protection still act up on me, so handwriting on my iPad is still out of the question for now. Is this something that you would be interested in using? For more information, visit Ten One Design.

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