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The New iPad 3 Is Quite Magical, Don't You Think?

The New iPad 3 Is Quite Magical, Don't You Think?

March 3, 2012

We’re all wondering exactly what this new iPad thing will do — you know, the one being announced next week. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock (a really heavy, tech rumor-proof rock), I’m sure you have your own speculations lined up.

But while you all wait impatiently for Wednesday to happen, you may want to check out what this iPad can do. From the same guy who showed us that fancy Halloween iPad magic last year, Simon Pierro does it again; this time, giving us a little taste of how he imagines the next generation iPad.

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I bet you can’t do that with your iPad 2. But seriously: Leave it to the professionals, we wouldn’t want anyone actually dropping their iPad or anything — the horror!

(via iJailbreak)

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