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The New iPad's Battery 'Issue' Could Be Affecting All iDevices

The New iPad's Battery 'Issue' Could Be Affecting All iDevices

March 26, 2012
Just days after reports surfaced that the new iPad’s battery doesn’t display properly, comes word the problem extends to other iOS devices too. At issue is what many are now calling the “busted” battery, according to ZDNet (via iDownload Blog). It was only last week we reported that the new iPad could actually charge for up to one additional hour after reaching a 100 percent full charge. Now we’re told this happens on other iDevices such as the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. However, the result is more pronounced on the new iPad due to its 70 percent more capacious battery. According to ZDNet, this is by design in order to keep the battery “safe and healthy.” They state:
The battery on the new iPad is huge, with a total charge capacity of a massive 42Wh or measured another way a monstrous 11,666 mAh. A 3 percent safety margin for the iPad 2 battery would be equal to around 210 mAh, while the same safety margin for the new iPad would be equal to 350 mAh.
The problem:
The wrinkle is that when the iPad 3 battery indicator first says “100%,” the battery is actually only 90% charged and you get 1.2 hours less running time. However if you recharge your iPad 3 unattended (and off or in sleep mode), especially overnight, you will get the necessary extra charging time to achieve its maximum running time.
What all this means is that your iDevice might not actually be charged at 100 percent, even when it says that it is. On this, Apple should re-think its algorithm so that the numbers shown are correct. In other words, is it asking too much for Apple to show “100 percent charged,” only when the device is actually fully charged? We think not. Are you finding battery issues affecting your non-new iPad device too?

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