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New iPad Battery Apparently Charges Past 100 Percent

New iPad Battery Apparently Charges Past 100 Percent

March 22, 2012
With the great power of the new iPad battery comes some strange behavior. In an exchange with iLounge, DisplayMate President Ray Soneira told the site that when connected to the included 10W power adapter, the new iPad continues to charge for up to an hour after reaching 100 percent full charge according to the display. The site also found other battery oddities during testing the new iPad, including interesting battery drain reports. While performing the same tasks, the iPad's battery displayed a 2 percent loss in the first hour of testing. But in subsequent hours, iOS reported at least a 10 percent loss per hour:
"It is unclear at this point whether Apple has taken certain liberties when reporting battery levels to give the impression of faster charging and slower loss - similar to its prior treatment of cellular signal levels for iPhones, an issue remedied shortly after the iPhone 4 was released - or if there is some other explanation for the observed battery charging and discharging behavior."
To power the Retina display's increased resolution and faster processor, the new iPad's battery has been bulked up significantly to 11,666 mAh (42Wh). The iPad 2's cell was only 6944 mAh (25Wh). Even with the increased drain, the new iPad battery has compared well to its predecessor. In a recent torture test, the new iPad lasted for 12.8 hours compared to 14.2 hours for the iPad 2. But the larger cell does have some downsides as the battery can take up to twice as long to charge. Have you experienced any battery oddities with your new iPad? Hopefully, an incorrect battery display is something Apple can remedy with a software update. (Image via AllThingsD)

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