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Unless You Help This Spud Run For His Life, He's Fried

Unless You Help This Spud Run For His Life, He's Fried

March 19, 2012
If you're looking for some vegetarian action (you probably have no idea what that means, but you'll find out in a bit), then you've come to the right place. We here in AppAdvice have recently gathered intelligence about a new iOS action adventure game starring a load of vegetables, with some spunky spuds at the lead. Potato Escape Gold follows the exploits of three potato heroes. You play a game of Potato Escape Gold as any of these potatoes, who possess different levels of power and agility. The game sees the potato protagonist, that is, whichever you've chosen, running from a sinister fork that's perpetually on his heels. In the unfortunate event that the fork catches up on him, he's literally fried. French fried, to be exact. To keep the potato-filled proceedings fun and simple, the game employs a familiar single-tap control to make your potato jump and run and collect coins and run some more. Other vegetables crop up along the way, and for some reason they want you to fail. So, it's better to avoid them, too. The Alpine Republic, the developer of the game, claims that every game is dynamically generated, so that you'd be less likely to get bored replaying the same sequence of obstacles and environments. I recognize this feature from another single-tap game, the best-selling Tiny Wings. Potato Escape Gold is available now in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad for $1.99. How do you like your potatoes: boiled, baked, mashed, fried, or alive, thank you very much?

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