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WallitApp Encourages You To Write On Walls

WallitApp Encourages You To Write On Walls

March 7, 2012
Strategically timed to coincide with Apple's iPad Announcement, a new social app that blends augmented reality with location awareness is now available worldwide in the App Store.   The unique app, titled WallitApp, allows those at a specific location to write on a virtual wall for others to see. For example, the developers have set up walls at Yerba Buena, where the Apple event will take place, as well as multiple Apple Stores. Posts on the virtual walls can be read from any location, however, in order to actually post on a wall you must be at the physical location. This unique feature allows a more personal interaction between users with common interests. If you are at a location where a wall does not yet exist, a simple in-app tweet of the coordinates and location to WallitApp will let them know to add one.
Wallit's idea of allowing for social communication based on location is an interesting example of what the neighborhood noticeboard of old will look like in a digital future. Roelof Botha, former CFO of PayPal via Wallit's website
In anticipation of tomorrows big Apple iPad event, Wallit Inc. has installed walls at all Apple Store locations in the world. This will enable iDevice fans everywhere to post opinions, videos or photos to share with other Apple fans as events unfold. WallitApp also allows you to send your post to Twitter or Facebook. As the number of users grows, so will the features.  Soon, much like Facebook, you will be able to determine an inner circle of people to interchange posts with and block out others. If the video above does not work please click here. We think it is a fascinating twist on social interaction. Somehow, the idea of interacting with total strangers seems less daunting when you are discussing a common interest or favorite place. What is your take on augmented reality walls?

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