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Where's My New Puzzle Pack, Where's My Water?

Where's My New Puzzle Pack, Where's My Water?

March 9, 2012
Apple's App Store Countdown to 25 Billion Apps closed a few days ago with the announcement of the lucky winner who made the 25 billionth app download. Along with the name of the winner, who hails from China, also disclosed in Apple's press release was the title of the app that went down in App Store history as download number 25 billion. The app in question is none other than the free version of Disney's best-selling fluid-physics-based puzzle game, Where's My Water? And now, fresh from that unexpected triumph-by-association, Disney has rolled out a fresh major update of its highly popular iOS game. As with most major updates of the game, this one adds a brand new puzzle pack. And as with most puzzle packs in the game, it's given a punningly amusing title. The new pack is called "Caution to the Wind" and it contains 20 free new levels of fan-filled puzzle-solving with Swampy the hygienic sewer alligator. Nope, that's not a typo. That there is actually also a pun, used in keeping with the game's fondness for wordplay. Puzzle-solving in the new version of Where's My Water? is now "fan-filled" owing to the fans that can blow water in every direction. These fans are the latest elements to add to the game's challenge, following the traps, switches and other contraptions that have long been part of the game. Some players, however, are reporting that they're not seeing the new level pack, let alone the aforementioned fans. I understand their disappointment, since I also didn't see "Caution in the Wind" after updating Where's My Water? on my iPhone. The developer is said to already be working on a fix for this issue, but a simple device restart should do the trick. Where's My Water? still costs $0.99 to download in the App Store, but the update is, of course, free. This new version, with its abundance of fans, should please old fans of the game and convert others into new ones.

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