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Winter Is Coming... For TinTin The Candy Pot

Winter Is Coming... For TinTin The Candy Pot

March 19, 2012
The winter edition of the physics-based puzzle game Candy Pot has arrived. Isn't it way too late, as spring is already in the air? Well, since it's free anyway, I guess the game's tardiness can be easily forgiven. Candy Pot Winters is the sequel to Candy Pot, an iPhone game whose gameplay is quite reminiscent of that of Cut The Rope as well as that of Where's My Water? The new edition, as expected, inherits the gameplay of the original. It still concerns TinTin the Candy Pot, always hungry for candies, chocolates and whatnot. As the player of the game, you have to solve the puzzle of getting the candy in each level from the spout of another container named PomPom and into the gaping mouth of TinTin. Most times you'll have to use a sugary implement, such as a straight biscuit or a bouncy jelly, to guide the candy to its eager destination. Watch the game trailer below. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. These mechanics are just the same as the mechanics of the original Candy Pot. What, then, is different about Candy Pot Winters? There are two differences: The Jutt and Spiky. To make the puzzles more challenging, these two winter-loving critters are thrown into the otherwise peaceful world of TinTin. As mentioned, Candy Pot Winters is free of charge in the App Store. I must say that for a game that revolves around sweets, it sure has delicious graphics.

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