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A Doughnut-Loving Dinosaur Steals The Spotlight In Pastry Panic

A Doughnut-Loving Dinosaur Steals The Spotlight In Pastry Panic

April 9, 2012
Up-and-coming iOS game developer Underground Pixel is coming out soon with another title following the success of its Christmas-themed game, Holiday Havoc. Although it's not directly associated with the holidays, the new game does feature stuff that you might have gobbled to your heart's content last Christmas: pastries. Underground Pixel's forthcoming Pastry Panic is a game about gobbling pastries. In the game, you will be helping Dino, an adorable dinosaur with a sweet tooth, to eat as many pastries as he can. As shown in the gameplay trailer below, Pastry Panic will come with two playing modes, Mad Dash and Tongue Tied. In Mad Dash, you will make Dino jump from one conveyor belt to another so that he may feed on the passing pastries and bolts. Eating pastries will increase your score, while eating bolts will replenish your staying power in the game. Bolts won't add to your score, but without them it's game over for you and hungry Dino. In Tongue Tied, pastries and bolts have the same attributes as in Mad Dash, but this time they may only be collected by making Dino stick his tongue out towards them. Running about will no longer be required, since Dino will just be stationed in the middle of the center platform. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Featuring "endless" sessions of enjoyable pixel art and jolly chiptune music, Pastry Panic will be available soon in the App Store. Look out for our review here on AppAdvice to be posted upon the game's release. In the meantime, you can follow Underground Pixel on Twitter (@UndergroundPixl) for updates on the game's development.

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