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Animoog's iOS-Optimized Synthesizer Is Sure To Be Music To Your Ears

Animoog's iOS-Optimized Synthesizer Is Sure To Be Music To Your Ears

April 3, 2012
Moog Music's Animoog is definitely one of those apps that you can rely on if what you want to do is to show off the amazing things your iPad can do. Of course, Animoog is not actually built for deliberate display, although you can do that all you want if you want to. The app is actually a professional polyphonic synthesizer tailor-made for the iPad. But don't get intimidated by those big words. You can't do anything about the "polyphonic synthesizer" part, because that's exactly what Animoog is. But you can at least tune out the "professional" part, since non-professional musicians and, to be more general, non-musicians can easily make good use of the app. That is not to undermine its being an electronic instrument that's fit for a pro, though. Simply put, Animoog is an iPad-optimized synthesizer that can cater to professionals as well as regular users. The Animoog app is composed of an X/Y pad, knobs and buttons for settings, and, naturally, a keyboard. The X/Y pad is particularly fascinating as it visualizes the synthetic sounds being generated within an old-fashioned oscilloscope screen. It makes you feel like you're using a gadget from a sci-fi movie in the '80s. The app is, above all, an instrument for experimentation, but it also has a variety of presets you can explore. A new store section where you can purchase new sounds is also made available through a recent update. The update also brought a couple of improvements, making the metronome continue while recording if enabled and activating the record start/stop button immediately upon pressing instead of releasing. For a limited time only, Animoog for iPad is available in the App Store for only $2.99. A similar iPhone version is also available at a promotional price of $1.99. Whichever version you get, you're bound to get trippy with it.

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