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AppAdvice Daily: Best New Game Updates And Releases Of the Week

AppAdvice Daily: Best New Game Updates And Releases Of the Week

April 6, 2012
Are you guys ready for some 80s cartoon flashbacks, dinosaur shoot downs, and 774 ways to die? Sounds intense I know. Well on today's AppAdvice Daily, Best Games of the Week special, you'll get all that and more.


Carcassonne: $9.99

The once board game, now iOS hit, Carcassonne has just updated to add Retina support.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown: $5.99

Batman Arkham City Lockdown has also updated for Retina, but the update brings a lot more than just that. There are new characters like Robin, new levels and more.


Saturday Morning RPG: Free

This episodic adventure will take you flashing back to the Saturday morning cartoons of the eighties. What started as a Kickstarter project is now a reality on the App Store, and it's awesome! In the app you'll see bits of Michael Jackson, Care Bears, scratch n' sniff stickers, horribly designed notebooks and more. If you're a sucker for nostalgia, this ones for you.

Bug Princess 2: $4.99

Bug Princess 2 is a top down shooter that is also reminiscent of games of our past. It's fun, cute, and easy to pick up and play.

774 Deaths: On Sale for $0.99

774 Deaths is another game that will remind you of NES, but there was for sure no accelerometer back when we were kids. Use the accelerometer to guide your way through the levels without bashing your head in with an axe. Yea, it can get pretty bloody.


On the Wind: $1.99

On the Wind is pretty to look at, and with endless runner gameplay, it's also addictive, which is why the staff has agreed to blow it up to Game of the Week. The gameplay is simple. Keep your finger on the screen and guide the leaves through the wind. As you go your leaves get depleted, so make sure you are constantly picking up more. Run out of leaves and wind and it's game over. Watch the show to see the gameplay of On the Win and all the other runner ups.

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