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Bus Turbo Racing For iPad: A New 3-D Bus Racing Game

Bus Turbo Racing For iPad: A New 3-D Bus Racing Game

April 24, 2012
If you secretly wish you could enter a bus-racing derby and compete against other HGVs in a Burnout-style fight to the death, consider downloading Bus Turbo Racing for iPad. The app, which is available now in the App Store, puts players in charge of turbo-powered buses. Once behind the wheel, you need to jump to avoid obstacles, race to beat other players, and above all, ensure that your passengers have a great time. Features include:
  • Rally & Time Out Mode
  • Speed and Action incorporated racing
  • Simple Controlling System: Handle and accleration combined.
  • Can drift using one button
  • A variety of buses provided for free
  • Different sound effects according to each bus
The application also comes with five free buses (school bus, death racer bus, peace maker bus, super fast bus and S.W.A.T. bus). Currently, Bus Turbo Racing for iPad is available in the App Store for just $0.99. Enjoy!

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