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FireCore Updates aTV Flash (Black) To Version 1.5

FireCore Updates aTV Flash (Black) To Version 1.5

April 18, 2012
FireCore has recently updated its Apple TV jailbreak software, aTV Flash (black), to version 1.5. Now, users of the software can enjoy a number of new features, including NFS streaming and a much-improved media player. Furthermore, a series of other changes and improvements have been made to the software. Here's a list of everything that's new in the latest version of aTV Flash (black), provided by FireCore:
  • Revamped player with improved performance (AppleTV 4.4 and later)
  • Added NFS streaming
  • Added Catalan, Czech, Korean and Traditional Chinese translations
  • Added support for localized TV show pattern: TV Show/Season #/S##E##.extension
  • Added manual subtitle time correction (-10.0s to +10.0s)
  • Added support for embedded .FLAC cover art
  • Added support for .AC3, .DTS and .MOD files
  • Improved .EYETV file handling
  • Improved audio synchronization in slow and unstable networks
  • Improved slideshow operation with small images
  • Improved movie folders detection logic to ignore hidden files
  • Improved metadata fetching to support movies split into multiple files (dvd#, cd#, disk#)
  • Improved zoom mode operation for non-square pixels
  • Improved DVD menu handling
  • Improved .OGG file handling (now correctly treated as audio)
  • Improved error handling for connection issues
  • Improved buffering logic
  • Improved installation routine
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Resolved format detection that was causing rare playback issues
  • Resolved issue with volume level resetting during rw/fw
  • Resolved floating crashes usually observed when using SMB with Windows 7 shares
  • Resolved conflicts with XBMC related to SMB
  • Resolved issues with metadata fetching for ‘Show.Name.###.extension’ pattern
  • Resolved crashes observed in folders with signifcant number of files
  • Resolved playback error on DVD and ISO files observed when file path contains ‘?’ character
  • Resolved crashes when working with long file paths
  • Resolved rare issue with incorrect pre-playback screen layout
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
In order to update aTV Flash (black) on your Apple TV, head over to the application on your set-top box and navigate to Maintenance, and then Manage Extras. If you don't already own aTV Flash (black), you can purchase the software - which promises to "supercharge" an Apple TV through improving numerous aspects of the product - for just $29.95. For more information on all of the above, head over to FireCore's website. [via iDownloadBlog]

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