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Here's How You Can Fix Missing Mentions In The Twitter App

Here's How You Can Fix Missing Mentions In The Twitter App

April 4, 2012
If, like me, you're still rocking the official Twitter app, you might have noticed something a little peculiar. For the past few days, reports have been hitting the Web of a Twitter app bug that prevents iOS fans from being able to view their "@ mentions" in the app, on an iPhone. Refreshing, rebooting, and force-closing doesn't help, however, there is a solution. As Mashable reports, in order to conquer this annoying bug users must delete their Twitter account from their iPhone (via the Settings app), then re-add it. Somehow, this kick-starts the social network back into action, allowing users to view their mentions once again. The website reports:
In a Support post entitled simply: “Not seeing @mentions under Connect tab on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android”, Twitter support said the service is “experiencing an issue where some users are unable to see their @mentions under the Connect tab”. [...] Twitter says the problem exists on iOS 4 and Android devices, so it’s not app- or platform-specific. As soon as I mentioned the problem on Twitter, I get a bunch of responses indicating that I was not alone.
There isn't any word of this problem affecting other Twitter iOS apps. Let us know if this issue affects your iPhone. If any more news regarding this bug hits the Web, we'll update this post.

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