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Hungry For Some Puzzle Adventure Goodness? Help Yourself With Munchie's Lunch

Hungry For Some Puzzle Adventure Goodness? Help Yourself With Munchie's Lunch

April 4, 2012
Originally released as a PC game, Munchie's Lunch is now available for iOS devices. Munchie's Lunch is a puzzle adventure game where you take on the role of a concerned mother trying to find enough food for her kids while avoiding some hungry, wide-mouthed creatures. Munchie's Lunch has quite an interesting background, as it was actually based on the story of a real-life family. Vlado Jokic, one of the creators of the game, drew on his own family's experience during the civil war in Yugoslavia in the early '90s. According to Vlado, his mother took great care of him and his sister during those difficult times. This is how the hero of Munchie's Lunch came to be a heroine, Mrs. Munchie. As the hero mom in Munchie's Lunch, you have to go on the field in each level to collect food for the kids. It's not as easy as it sounds, though, since the Hungries are also out in the field to get their share of nourishment, which, as it happens, includes you. The fundamental conceit of the game is that as you move in the field, the Hungries move in the opposite direction. Hence, a careful consideration of available space goes a long way. Published by Big Fish Games, the game is available in the App Store for iPhone as simply Munchie's Lunch and for iPad as Munchie's Lunch HD. Like a lot of games from Big Fish, Munchie's Lunch is a freemium title. Actually, either version of the game is more like a lite trial version, with an option to unlock the full game through an in-app purchase.

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