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IM+ Now Supports Thai Localization And Connects With 'The Twitter Of China'

IM+ Now Supports Thai Localization And Connects With 'The Twitter Of China'

April 13, 2012
Shape Services has once again upgraded IM+, the popular chat client for iOS, with support for additional social networks and localization. This latest update for IM+ is quite similar to the previous one. Released last February, the previous update added the Russian social network and the Chinese Facebook-like service Renren. It also included location-based support for the Arabic, Polish, and Turkish languages. This time, IM+ has been updated to enable connectivity with the mobile social network mig33 and the Chinese Twitter-like service Sina Wiebo. The new update also adds another localization mode in favor of the Thai language. Update after update, Shapes Services seems intent on extending its flagship product's international reach. It's clear that the IM+ developer is keeping abreast of developments in the social networking scene as well as responding favorably to user demand. This becomes apparent in its inclusion of Weibo, which is China's rapidly expanding answer to Twitter and Facebook. Incidentally, the growing impact of Weibo is also highlighted by Rovio Entertainment in the social networking screen of Angry Birds Space. You can download IM+ for free in the App Store. Alternatively, you can download a more feature-rich and ad-free version, IM+ Pro, for $9.99. Note that just as their supported social networks can be described as international, both versions are iOS universal.

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