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It's About Time Publishes The 'Hello iPhoto For iPad And iPhone' iBook

It's About Time Publishes The 'Hello iPhoto For iPad And iPhone' iBook

April 26, 2012
From It's About Time, the creator of Learn the Switch to Mac, comes another great learning and reference tool for new Apple device owners or longtime Apple fans just looking for some extra tidbits. The first of a new series, Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone is an interactive iBook that teaches iDevice owners everything they need to know about importing, viewing, managing, editing, and sharing photographs. This new "Hello" series of iBooks is meant to change how people interact with technical manuals in the same way Apple has recently done for school textbooks, that is, make the experience more immersive.
"After today, nobody will want to go back to the old way of manuals," says Saied G, CEO of It's About Time.
As the name would imply, Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone is primarily focused on the many features of iPhoto for iOS. However, It's About Time takes the logical route of first introducing iDevice owners to the options and steps of synchronizing their photo library using iTunes, iPhoto for Mac OS, or iCloud. It's after this initial setup-like task that the book moves to the iPhoto for iOS operations. Because the user interface varies from iPad to iPhone, the remainder of the book is broken down by iDevice and by topic. The main topics are browsing, sharing, and editing, plus an overview section covering albums, events, and journals. Each of these topics is further divided into specific features and instructions for each function, such as how to align a photo. Reasonably so, these instructions are accompanied by screenshots. Though more importantly, the screen captures contain zoom bubbles. These blatant half spheres help to spotlight the elements being discussed. And now it's time to find out how to get to those instructions. Navigating interactive iBooks is a cinch and can be done two different ways. You can either tap on the listed features in each chapter, screenshots, and other images, or stick strictly to gestures. Along with left and right swipes, you can also perform the two finger expand gesture to open sub-sections or go full screen, and the pinch action to go back up a level or exit full screen. Of course, Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone offers other iBook app features, including manual bookmarking, adding notes, and highlighting or underlining text. Bookmarks and notes are managed through the associated buttons in the top navigation bar, whereas adding notes and changing highlighting options is done by tapping selected text. Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone is compatible with iPad running iOS 5.0 or later with iBooks 2.0 or later installed, and available in the iTunes Store for $1.99.

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