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Lego Super Hero Movie Maker Puts You On The Director's Chair

Lego Super Hero Movie Maker Puts You On The Director's Chair

April 19, 2012
Lego Super Hero Movie Maker is all you and your kid need to make the next blockbuster action adventure film starring your favorite Lego DC Universe Super Heroes. In essence, Lego Super Hero Movie Maker is an iPhone app that lets you shoot stop motion animation, and it does this through an impressively easy and kid-friendly interface. The app has a collection of title cards featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as several generic title cards. Once you've decided on a title card and edited the movie title and director text fields on it, you're ready to shoot your movie. Simply set your Lego DC Universe action figures to your desired poses, train your iPhone's camera on the scene, and tap the center of the screen to capture the frame. Change the poses according to your script, lather, rinse, repeat. After capturing all the frames that you need, you may already proceed to the app's editing room. There you can choose a prerecorded soundtrack to add to your movie as well as color filters to set the mood of your masterpiece. You can even insert sound effect frames to cover all your "Pow!" and "Whoosh!" needs. You can then save your movie to your camera roll, from which you can show it to others or share it online. Lego Super Hero Movie is available in the App Store for free. Ever wanted to direct your very own Batman movie? How about taking Superman's story for a fresh spin? Think you can do better than Christopher Nolan ("The Dark Knight") or Zack Snyder (the upcoming "Man of Steel")? If you or, better yet, your kid answered yes to any of these questions, then you're in luck. Now's your chance to prove your directorial mettle with Lego Super Hero Movie Maker.

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