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MacGuffin's Curse Hits The App Store: A Werewolf Comedy Adventure Like No Other

MacGuffin's Curse Hits The App Store: A Werewolf Comedy Adventure Like No Other

April 19, 2012
Last week, we told you MacGuffin's Curse - a "werewolf comedy puzzle adventure" game - was App Store-bound. Now, the much anticipated universal iOS application has finally appeared in Apple's App Store, where it's available to purchase for just $1.99 for a limited time only, before gaining a price-tag of $4.99. The app modifies the traditional werewolf tale, putting players in charge of Lucas MacGuffin - an unfortunate thief, who steals a cursed amulet that grants him the ability to transform into a wolf. Discontent with this predicament, he sets off on a mission to solve the mystery of this magical amulet, embarking on a quest that takes him through room after room of high-level security buildings. As outlined in the app's release notes, here are some of the best features of MacGuffin's Curse:
TRANSFORM FROM HUMAN TO WEREWOLF! Use the dexterity of a human and the brute force of a well-intentioned werewolf! Each character has their own unique skills, which can solve an inventive array of logical challenges in the style of much-loved hit adventure games. QUICK-WITTED COMEDY: Play through a compelling story brimming with humor, personality and heart featuring dialogue straight from the golden age of adventure games. A RICH, COMPELLING WORLD! Explore the surreal nightlife of an ancient carnival city in hi-tech lockdown inhabited by a huge cast of hilarious, well-developed characters, all masterfully created with unique hand-drawn art. FUN, IMMERSIVE SOUNDTRACK - Destined to have you humming - or howling - along! PLENTY OF AWESOME UNLOCKABLE CONTENT: Comics, post-game challenges, Easter Eggs and developers' commentary are all hidden throughout the game, meaning you’ll keep coming back long after the credits roll! INTEGRATED HELP SYSTEM - Task tracking ensures you can focus on enjoying the game free of stress.
Below, we've included a series of screenshots along with a trailer of the app, for you to check out. As mentioned, MacGuffin's Curse is available in the App Store for just $1.99 - but grab it quick, because this price is a limited time offer. [gallery columns="5"]

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