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New "Bartending" E-Book Provides An Insight Into The Life Of An Apple Genius

New "Bartending" E-Book Provides An Insight Into The Life Of An Apple Genius

April 9, 2012
There have been quite a few impressive Apple e-books that have launched in the iBookstore - such as Walter Isaacson's highlight anticipated biography of Steve Jobs, and Adam Lashinsky's "Inside Apple." Now, a brand-new Apple-related iBook is available to purchase and download (not in the iBookstore, but in an iBooks-friendly ePub version). It's called "Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius," and it promises to be a fun, interesting read. Penned by former-Apple employee Stephen Hackett, here's a section of the book's blurb:
When “Apple Store” shows up on your resumé — like it does on Stephen Hackett’s — people ask questions. Did you get free stuff? Did you know about products before they were announced? Did you ever get an email from Steve? Being one of the most successful companies in the world has made anything Apple-related newsworthy and special, including working in its retail stores. The truth is that selling computers at the Apple Store isn’t that much different from selling them anywhere else, but it is better.
In his e-book, Hackett gives readers an insight into the inner-workings of an Apple Retail Store, showing how - despite its "monstrous success and growth," "the company has not lost its focus on providing excellent experiences for its customers." The e-book isn't available via the iBookstore, but you can grab it in a Kindle edition for under $10, or in an iBooks-friendly ePub version for $8.99. Let us know your thoughts on Hackett's e-book in the comments. [via MacStories]

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