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Newsify Delivers Your Feed Subscriptions, Newspaper-Style

Newsify Delivers Your Feed Subscriptions, Newspaper-Style

April 24, 2012
Nothing beats Reeder in my book, but I see to it that I get to check out what the competition has to offer every so often. On many occasions, what I get to see could not hold a candle to my RSS reader of choice. On some, it might be worth a second look, as is the case with Newsify. Newsify is a new RSS reader app for iPhone that can sync with your Google Reader account. Its major feature, which sets it apart from most apps of its kind, is its ability to display your RSS subscriptions in a newspaper-like layout. It's very reminiscent of Flipboard's layout mixing text and images, except that there's no flipping involved in Newsify. Rather, more items can be displayed by scrolling down. If print-inspired layouts are not your thing, you can switch to a traditional list view. Either way, you can avail yourself of its article syncing, reading, and sharing features. Most of these features, as well as their corresponding settings, are in fact quite similar to those of Reeder: image caching, pulling to move between articles, and swiping right to return to the article list, to name just a few. But perhaps the best thing about Newsify is that, unlike Reeder, it is available in the App Store for free, at least while it's still fresh on display.

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