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No Surprise Here: Up To 30 Percent Of Customers Could Be Interested In Buying 'iTV'

No Surprise Here: Up To 30 Percent Of Customers Could Be Interested In Buying 'iTV'

April 23, 2012
Although Apple has yet to even announce it, the company’s long-rumored “iPanel” could play a significant role in the high-definition television space. In fact, upwards of 25 percent of consumers in the U.S. would purchase a physical Apple television set, according to BGR. A new survey by KAE and Toluna suggests an “iTV’ would be a hit with consumers, just as the overall market is in “crisis mode.” In fact, the survey conclude that there is so much lacking in the current high-definition market, that Apple could make an immediate impact and make billions. In a survey of 6,000 customers in the U.S. and U.K., KAE and Toluna concludes that Apple’s entry into the television market could hurt Samsung, Sony, and LG. Among the findings:
  • 30 percent of U.K. customers found the idea of an Apple TV appealing, while 25 percent of Americans thought the same.
  • Among current Apple device owners, 43 percent of U.K. customers said they would be interested in purchasing an Apple television, versus 38 percent of Americans.
  • Among Sony customers in the U.K., 38 percent would ditch the Japanese company for Apple, while 36 percent of Samsung customers would do the same.
  • For Americans, 31 percent of LG customers said they’d ditch their current television provider for Apple.
  According to Michael Lantz, CEO of Accedo:
It is my firm belief that there is a wide open market slot for a high-end design-led Apple TV set in this market. Apple should be able to market and successfully [sic] sell $2000-3000 TV sets with unprecedented margins.
Accedo is a leading smart TV applications provider that has built apps for HBO (HBO Go), NBA (NBA Gametime) and other companies. The most recent Apple television rumors suggest Apple could announce such a product sometime later this year, with a price tag starting at around $1,200. In addition, the product could be called the "iPanel." Are you considering purchasing a real Apple television? If so, at what price point would you not consider purchasing it?

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