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Please Apple, Don't Move Siri To The Desktop, At Least Not Yet

Please Apple, Don't Move Siri To The Desktop, At Least Not Yet

April 2, 2012
Apple’s “killer” iPhone 4S feature, Siri, could be heading to the desktop, according to Ubergizmo. Please don't Apple, at least not right now.

Don't go down this road

First launched in October exclusively on the iPhone 4S, Siri offers mobile customers a limited number of ways to interact with the smartphone using voice. Now, a new Apple patent has surfaced that suggests Siri may arrive, or at least interact, with future MacBook Pros and iMacs. According to the patent, the new technology would let mobile devices communicate with desktops and then to external servers and back again.

As Ubergizmo states:
With this development, controlling a desktop device via your phone might be a stepping stone to bigger things in the future which might allow us to see Siri’s true potential.
Even with its current limitations, which there are many, Siri has been a favorite of mine since it arrived. However, I’ve always believed the voice recognition technology was best kept on the iPhone. In fact, I recently suggested Apple would be wise to perfect the service on the company’s handset before moving it elsewhere including the iPad. Today’s news doesn’t change my opinion.

Improve Siri on iPhone before moving it elsewhere

Hopefully, Apple’s patent application is only a theory and not something coming on this year’s new desktop. Instead, Apple should concentrate on making Siri better on the iPhone 4S (and iPhone 5) and then decide to move the service elsewhere. Would you be happy to see Siri arrive on the Mac?

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