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Procreate V1.6 Brings Some Major Changes

Procreate V1.6 Brings Some Major Changes

April 11, 2012
After recently being used to help create a music video, the popular art app, Procreate ($4.99) has just received a major update. For those unfamiliar with the app, Procreate is a studio-grade sketchbook for iPad. This app is packed with the tools you need to create anything from casual art to movie storyboards (up to 1920 x 1408 pixel resolution). You can choose from over 45 different brushes - ranging from sketching pencils and paint brushes, to impossible abstract brushes. If that isn't enough, you can create and customize your own brushes to use with the app. Procreate offers layer support (up to 16), 100 undo/redo steps, and continuously auto-saves your work - just to name a few features. Procreate's version 1.6 update brings a ton of new changes. As stated in its release notes, some of those new changes include:
  • ★ Completely rebuilt gallery
  • Thumbnail grid layout: Landscape & portrait
  • Drag & drop organisation for artwork thumbnails
  • Drag & drop artwork thumbnails to create stacks (groups)
  • Export to twitter
  • ★New brush management
  • New ‘General’ tab in advanced brush settings
  • Option to display brush preview as a stamp
  • Duplicate any Pro Tool
  • Paged brush sets for uncluttered organisation
  • Link to Procreate Artery in far left Page of brush sets
  • Create, delete and rename custom brush sets (groups)
  • Rename, delete and duplicate custom brushes
  • Drag & drop brushes AND brush sets (even between sets)
  • Access the Pro Library to use shape and grain files from Pro Tools
  • ★ Pro Tools
  • 48 carefully crafted new brushes, organised into the following sets:
  • Sketching tools
  • Inking tools
  • Painting tools
  • Airbrushing tools
  • Texture tools; and
  • Abstract tools
  • ★ Gestures
  • 3 finger swipe – Undo and redo
  • 3 finger Z-motion – Instant clear layer
  • 4 finger tap – reset canvas rotation
If you're looking for a fast, powerful, and gorgeous art app for iPad, then look no further. Procreate offers everything you need to, well, create art like a pro. For a complete list of changes and new features, check out Procreate ($4.99) in the App Store. More information can be found on the Procreate website.  

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Procreate – Sketch, paint, create.
Procreate – Sketch, paint, create.
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