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Runmeter, Cyclemeter, And Walkmeter Now Feature iCloud Support And Much More

Runmeter, Cyclemeter, And Walkmeter Now Feature iCloud Support And Much More

April 20, 2012
At the 2012 Macworld / iWorld Expo, Abvio previewed v7.0 of their longstanding and acclaimed fitness apps: Runmeter, Cyclemeter, and Walkmeter. Scheduled for a March release, the update hasn't arrived until now, but includes far more feature additions than originally planned. Beyond the very basic information, such as distance and speed, Runmeter and the other "meter" apps provide a truckload of statistical data. In v7.0, viewing these details is easier than ever thanks to the revised Stopwatch pages. Consisting of maps, graphs, grouped stats, and even a built-in music player, the various pages can be displayed by simply swiping right or left. You can customize which pages are shown, the order, and how they're divided. While Stopwatch pages are handy for current stats, Runmeter, Cyclemeter, and Walkmeter also have a brand new History tab for quickly displaying previous runs, walks, and cycling workouts. The tab lists some of your most recent workouts, plus has filtered sections for the week, month, year, routes, and so on. To safeguard all of this data, Abvio is the first to add iCloud support to their GPS fitness apps. The feature allows users to restore the database when reinstalling the app, upgrading a device, or to synchronize among devices. Available preferences include automatic or manual backup, backup frequency, and cellular data use authorization. If you aren't an iCloud member, you can still backup and restore the database manually using iTunes File Sharing. All of these new data analysis and management tools are great, although, there is one more feature to share: training plans. Broken into 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon plans, these scheduled and goal-focused workouts will help users obtain a new level of fitness and physical capabilities. Once started, the workouts are automatically added to Runmeter's calendar, and can be synced to the iOS Calendar app or an online system like Google Calendar. Runmeter, Cyclemeter, and Walkmeter are designed for iPhone running iOS 3.0 or later, and available in the App Store for $2.99 each. The iCloud backup feature requires iOS 5.0 or later and an iCloud account. [gallery link="file"]

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