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Send Secret Messages With ShakeBee

Send Secret Messages With ShakeBee

April 23, 2012
Last week, while writing about Dark Sky, I mentioned that there are very few apps these days that are unique. The majority of new apps are, one way or another, just a tweak on an existing app. Today, however, I have found something very unique. Meet ShakeBee. ShakeBee, from SocialObjects Software, is a mobile messenger app, with a twist. Do any of you remember Google's April Fools' joke this year, Gmail Tap? The premise of the joke involved Google creating a way of sending messages with just two taps. While this may not be possible, SocialObjects Software may just have the next best thing. SocialObjects Software has created a short video, that explains a little about what you can expect from ShakeBee: If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available by clicking here. As you can see from this video, ShakeBee is a simple tool for texting without the need for typing or dictating. All you have to do is shake or swipe your phone to send your secret message. The free version of ShakeBee contains three pre-defined topics, each with their own unique messages for different situations. The included topics are meeting, friends, and party. The pro version of the app, costing $0.99, allows for custom topics and messages. Other features of ShakeBee, from the App Store description, include:
  • Add contacts directly from the Address Book
  • Push notifications are delivered even when the app is offline
  • Mode Notifications in chat screen will let you know if your friend is in the hidden mode or can receive messages normally
  • No hidden costs
  • Works on iPhone/iPod Touch
  • All messages are sent using a secure connection
  • Message history
  • Hidden vibration patterns for receiving messages without looking at the screen
While I can't see a use for this in the business world (I don't find myself in many "traps" as the trailer suggests), the app looks like good fun to use with friends. Would you ever use ShakeBee in a meeting?

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