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Shoot Past Opponents In Crescent Moon's Upcoming Slingshot Racing

Shoot Past Opponents In Crescent Moon's Upcoming Slingshot Racing

April 17, 2012
Crescent Moon Games, publisher of Paper Monsters and Kids vs Goblins, has partnered with Cambridge-based developer Snowbolt Interactive to launch their first racing game, Slingshot Racing. Slingshot Racing, as the name suggests, uses the easy to learn and tough to master slingshot-style control system to propel and steer cars throughout a race course. Using a physical hook, players will find cornering and maneuvering around other obstacles a suitable challenge. Likely another easy guess given the control mechanism, Slingshot Racing has a steampunk theme. From the copper and steel piping and tanks to the contraption looking cars, all of the visuals will be Retina display-optimized. Other feature highlights include single device multiplayer, up to four players at once on an iPad, and Game Center integration. Crescent Moon and Snowbolt plan to have Slingshot Racing in the App Store within the next couple of months. While we're excited for a game trailer release, Snowbolt has posted some early screenshots, which we've embedded below. [via Touch Arcade] [gallery link="file"]

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