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Spy Mouse v1.1 Sneaks Into The App Store With All New Levels And Challenges

Spy Mouse v1.1 Sneaks Into The App Store With All New Levels And Challenges

April 26, 2012
Agent Squeak has new assignments, therefore, we have a new version of Spy Mouse to share. Released earlier today, Spy Mouse and Spy Mouse HD v1.1 include a seventh location with new levels and new challenges, plus introduce a new enemy and ally. Things really heat up as Agent Squeak is sent off to Volcano Island. Consisting of 11 levels with 33 total goals, this scorching environment exhibits plenty of new obstacles for our tiny hero. For starters, the terrain is scattered with lava pits, fireballs, and collapsible sections. While perceived as a negative, they can and must be taken advantage of to thwart the evil felines. Joining the feline front line, the Jungle Cat is blue in color and cunning in at least a couple of different ways. First, a master of disguise, he won't appear until Agent Squeak is nearby. Once Jungle Cat has targeted prey, he'll strike with a paralyzing poison dart, causing greatly delayed reaction abilities, before making the pounce. Despite all of this, Squeak has a new friend. Digger the Dog has recently opened up a shop. Digger provides several gadgets and goodies as power-ups to be used in extra sensitive situations. Among his items are Inviciballs, an indestructible rodent ball for temporary protection, and X-Ray Specs, used to locate hidden areas and show the cats' sight range. Purchases are made with cheese chunks. That's the end of the in-game excitement. However, the final change in Spy Mouse is now being able to view your achievements through Game Center. If you're left wondering why a blue "Jungle" cat with stealth capabilities and poison darts would choose a volcano as its hangout? I don't know, but stranger things have and likely will happen. Spy Mouse is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later, and available in the App Store for $0.99. Spy Mouse HD is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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