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They're Zombies That Happen To Be Birds - It's Time To Shoot The Zombirds!

They're Zombies That Happen To Be Birds - It's Time To Shoot The Zombirds!

April 29, 2012
Killing two birds with one stone is what Infinite Dreams has set out to do with its upcoming game. In this case, the two birds are the apparent penchants players have for games featuring zombies and, well, birds, and the stone is Shoot The Zombirds. Shoot The Zombirds is the upcoming sequel to Infinite Dreams' previous hit, Shoot The Birds. In Shoot The Birds, you play as the crossbow-wielding Pumpkin Boy and shoot the birds that want to peck at the precious Pumpkids. Now, in Shoot The Zombirds, the Pumpkids have grown up, and guess who's back to get them. The birds that you killed! Back from the dead! Ca-caw! You can watch the teaser trailer for Shoot The Zombirds below. Beware, though, as it contains scenes that are not suitable for young Pumpkids. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Being a teaser, the video understandably contains no actual in-game footage. But it's safe to assume that Shoot The Zombirds will retain the fantastic graphics and furious gameplay of its predecessor. So, expect to return to the role of Pumpkin Boy and use your crossbow to protect the slightly older and plumper Pumpkids. The undead birds, or zombirds, are out to exact revenge, and it's your job to kill them once again. Shoot The Zombirds is already in beta and is set to fly into the App Store soon. Watch out, Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies.

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