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Tilt To Live HD Is Now Actually HD

Tilt To Live HD Is Now Actually HD

April 8, 2012
I've been a fan of Tilt to Live since its debut on the iPhone in early 2010. As well, I've been a fan of Tilt to Live HD since its launch on the iPad later that year. Tilt to Live HD is a particularly well-executed iPad version of an established iPhone game in that it's not simply a blown up replica of the iPhone version. Instead, it adds more playing area to the original game, and hence, at least in the case of Tilt to Live HD, more enemies and more challenges. And now, Tilt to Live HD can finally fulfill the expectations embedded in its HD designation following an update that tilts it towards Retina display territory. The recent release of the new iPad and its "resolutionary" screen gave One Man Left, the creator of Tilt to Live, the push it had been waiting for to at last give justification to the HD moniker of Tilt to Live for iPad. "In keeping with our company’s tradition of supporting things," explained Adam Stewart, co-founder of One Man Left, "we dug through old, horrendously organized art files and a codebase most politely described as quaint to bring Retina graphics to Tilt to Live HD." The resolution comparison above doesn't quite do the overall outcome justice, but the result of One Man Left's digging through is a more absorbing and more explosive gaming experience on the new iPad. Now, the enemy dots are rounder, the blasts are more impressive, and the playing environment itself is more immersive. The better to tilt to live with. Tilt to Live HD is available in the App Store for free. Upon downloading the game, you get to play classic mode at no cost, while the other modes can be unlocked in-game for $4.99.

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